So if social and digital marketing is the same as the paper or rotary…why should I do it?

by | November 30, 2013

Social and digital marketing(Part 2 of 2)

In my last blog post It’s no different than the newspaper or rotary club I talked about how social and digital marketing is just like the newspaper, radio, television or any club, like the rotary club.

But why should we do it and how can we be successful? The first part is easy…

Why do it?

Every day that goes by the connected generation grows and the unconnected generation diminishes.  The connected generation knows no age, gender or race.  It’s simple…you either use technology in your daily life or you don’t.

How do you know if you’re connected?  Do you have a smartphone?  Have you bought anything online?  Do you get your news online?

If you answered any of these yes…you are a part of the connected generation.

Successful agents today are getting and staying in touch with the connected generation.  They follow the basic rule of marketing…

Go where the eyeballs are.  You do that through social and digital marketing.

Ok, so the second and more difficult part then…

How to be successful

First, everyone should have a basic understanding of how it all works and needs to be involved in their social and digital marketing programs.  How much depends on each agency.  But to be successful you need to understand and be involved.

Gone are the days of just running an ad in the paper and crossing your fingers.  You will get out hustled by the other guys.

But one great part is that size doesn’t matter as much as it use to…the playing field has been leveled.

In DIMA (Digital Insurance Marketing Academy) we will show you how to use social and digital tools to level the playing field and bring online traffic to you.

Want some examples?

Just take a look at Ryan Hanley & Jason Cass.

Ryan started as a young hungry agent at a small town agency in upstate New York who was told blogging didn’t have much of a place in his agency and he would have to do it on his own time.

Jason was a young crazy agent in a town of 10,000 in southern Illinois who was told by his agency he wasn’t allowed to do social media.

Where are they today?

Ryan is the head of his agencies marketing department and they have gone completely online so that they can survive (increased website traffic 467% year over year, attracts 12 new leads a week to the agency, generates 6 new policies a week).

Ryan Hanley will be our DIMA expert for Youtube and Google plus. His value is huge to you because he is an agent and uses these platforms to get those numbers mentioned above

And Jason.  He decided to break out and start his own agency.  And now what?  He’s written thousands of dollars in business using nothing but social media.  A lot of it from his old agency.

In fact he just wrote about an example of the power of Facebook marketing and how someone in his local community had written a Facebook post asking about the best agent in their area. Guess how many times we was mentioned???

18 times.  The next closest guy…4 times.  Guess who the person called to get a proposal?  That’s right…Jason.

Thinking of the value

You see this is the biggest value people still have a hard time comprehending about social and digital marketing…

You can create a machine that continuously connects, markets and networks your agency for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

Second, just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should do it all.

To become really good at digital and social marketing is much more than just writing a few sentences and posting here and there.  Is a process.  It’s a science.  Heck…it’s an art.

You might need help…and that is normal

Agents need to start thinking about this as an actual division within their company.  They either need to hire someone (if they have the money) or outsource it.

You spend money with all the other advertising you do right?  Take part of the budget and put it towards actually creating or hiring an online marketing person or team.

I know we all want the easy route of just calling up the newspaper or radio and then it’s out of our hands…but we don’t live in that world any more.  Their are great companies out there that can take on a lot of the work…and all for less than most traditional advertising anyway.

Need help?  Don’t want to do it yourself?  GROW can help with our AgencyInbound program. We do 75% of the work and you do the other 25%.


In closing I’m not saying get rid of all traditional forms of advertising cold turkey.  They still work and are still needed…but this need get’s smaller with every day that goes by.

A newspaper ad can’t educate and build value with your prospects.

A television commercial can’t stay in touch with your customers after they buy to improve retention and branding.

A radio spot can’t tell you exactly how many people listened to it, when they listened to it, where they listened to it from and how you can actually make it better.

Social and digital marketing can.

This has been Brian Appleton of the GROW team


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  1. Anna | Web Design Services

    EXACTLY! We don’t have all day access to internet and there are people who intend to read some on newspapers. But nevertheless we must still do it for us to accommodate all the people we want to know our market. There are two kinds of people though, the people who loves to read on newspaper and to those on the internet. So we must do the two way in order for us to share it to all 🙂 Great article! Thank you for this!

  2. Brian Appleton

    Thanks Anna. We agree the old way isn’t going away any time soon…but every day the unconnected generation diminishes and the connected generation grows. This is a fact. Have to give information to people in the way they want it.

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