Why Is Privacy Such A Big Deal? Then Joey Giangola Answered…

by | June 26, 2020



In today’s episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Joey Giangola, the  Marketing Director of Ecommerce at Risk Placement Services. Joey talks about how to make insurance faster, easier, and more reliable. Joey also explains the significance of business relationships and educating agents with different processes and products.

  • What has Joey done since he went to RPS? (4:01)
  • Where does Joey think this industry was in 2011? (5:33)
  • Does Joey think we’re heading to the point where we could find a good consumer online? (10:43)
  • Joey explains how to make your agents comfortable with who you are. (11:55)
  • Joey explains the importance of allowing your consumers to come with you as a partner on this journey. (14:05)
  • Joey explains which direction RPS is trying to go. (18:47)
  • Joey says that RPS has done custom integration and focuses on the agent’s time. (20:00)
  • Joey thinks people are comfortable establishing a business if it can be managed easier. (24:59)
  • Joey explains that the easier data is understood and manipulated, the less of an issue it becomes for the consumer. (27:14)
  • What does RPS think about data? (29:13)
  • Does Joey think privacy is significant to people? (30:43)
  • Joey explains that people in the technology space justify things based on their knowledge. (39:00)
  • Is Joey going to do more podcasts? (55:39)
  • What was the last video game that Joey played? (1:01:34)

Key quotes:

  • “It’s all about the partnership and how we work best together and what an agent needs to be successful.” – Joey Giangola
  • “We always like to think progress needs to happen in 12 months, 24 months, when you actually look back, it’s going to take probably two or three times longer than you anticipate.” – Joey Giangola
  • “We are trying to change the way people think about and do insurance.”  – Joey Giangola

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