We Are All Addicted To Something, Find Your Something (We Keep It Clean)

by | July 10, 2020



In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Michael Overstreet, Owner of Safe Street Insurance. Michael shares how he got into the business of insurance and how his knowledge and passion for gardening led him to his niche. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason introduces Michael Overstreet. (1:02)
  • Is Michael an iPhone or an Android user? (5:25) 
  • What was the last app that Michael downloaded? (8:07)
  • Does Michael love to win or hate to lose?  (8:50)
  • What does Michael attribute to his success, skill or luck? (9:11)
  • Michael shares his background story and his key to success. (12:34)
  • Michael says that when he went to the Dominican Republic, he got interested in tropical trees, fruit trees, and gardening. (12:53)
  • Michael confirms that he is still doing videos to build an organic presence for both gardening and insurance. (14:50)
  • Is Michael building authority or actively prospecting a niche? (16:54)
  • Michael says that videos could be a way of building relationships across the country.  (22:57)
  • Michael mentions that he has 150 fruit trees in his yard. (23:51)
  • Does Michael plan to move on a bigger property? (24:13)
  • Michael plants 20 peach trees and earns from selling it every spring. (24:28)
  • Michael mentions that his wife loves Plumcots. (25:16)
  • Has gardening been a part of Michael’s life since he was young? (25:54)
  • Michael says that he collects rainwater and it helps to water his garden. (35:07)
  • Michael believes that everyone needs to find a positive addiction in their life. (40:14)
  • What is Michael’s favorite fruit and vegetable? (41:58)
  • What is Michael reading right now? (43:20) 
  • Jason talks about what Nicholas Ayers said to him that sticks to his mind. (45:24)
  • Michael says that his friend Nick helps him with his script and everything. (51:09)

Key Quotes:

  • “Never shut down people, never shut people out of your life, never shut down an opportunity.” – Michael Overstreet
  • “No mention of insurance yet, just building my authority, letting people know I am the man in this space.” – Michael Overstreet*
  • “That’s why I love video. That’s the way you build relationships on a map and scale. Individually, as one person you can’t build those relationships, with video you’re building relationships all across the country.” – Michael Overstreet

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