Upping Your Game with Teresa Kitchens

by | April 19, 2021



In this episode of the Age of Indiependence podcast, host Katlyn Eggar interviews Teresa Kitchens, agency owner of Sterling Insurance Group and podcast host. Teresa shares how she’s upping her game with CRM skills, new recruits, and celebrating her competition.

Episode Highlights:

  • Teresa shares why she started the Power Women in Insurance podcast. (1:44)
  • Teresa gives a short background about the company. (3:04)
  • Teresa shares her experience at the Innovation Conference. (4:52)
  • Teresa mentions the impact of social media on the insurance industry. (13:16)
  • Teresa mentions the significance of being genuine. (17:02)
  • Teresa shares the first Better Agency webinar she attended. (17:42)
  • What was Teresa’s favorite part from the conference? (23:35)
  • Teresa mentions some of the guests from her podcast. (32:32)
  • Teresa shares how her life in the insurance industry has been. (36:17)
  • Teresa shares the culture they have in the agency. (42:47)

Key Quotes:

  • “I love being a part of that voice in the industry, and hopefully encouraging other women to find their voice and be leaders, and get out there and build their own space within the insurance industry.” – Teresa Kitchens
  • “I think it’s just such a fun industry right now to be in…To watch it grow and change and evolve, and the people’s personalities to come out in their own agencies. I think that’s fabulous.” – Teresa Kitchens
  • “If we are against each other, we have less of an opportunity to truly survive this whole tech boom, or whatever we want to call it in the insurance industry. With all the tech companies coming on, and to be able to kind of take over the insurance space…e need to band together to be able to create a community, and a voice that makes people proud to be an insurance agent, and to be able to allow this profession to go on, and provide for our children moving forward and everything else.” – Teresa Kitchens

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