Tyler Lessard: The Goal is To Own The Question

by | November 23, 2020



In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist, at Vidyard. Tyler discusses how creating educational and personalized video content is significant in growing your business in today’s world.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason introduces Tyler Lessard. (1:19)
  • Tyler mentions that today’s world is all about authority, engagement, and earning trust with our buyers. (2:52)
  • Tyler shares that he was a graduate of the Systems Design Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, 20 years ago. (6:41)
  • Tyler mentions that his first job was at Blackberry as an engineer, but he slowly migrated away from being a developer. (6:51)
  • Tyler shares that when he knew that he was better at working with people, he became a developer relations manager, where he worked with third-party developers to support and educate them on how to build great mobile apps. (7:06)
  • Tyler mentions that he co-authored the book entitled The Visual Sale, with Marcus Sheridan. (9:44)
  • Tyler shares that he partnered with Marcus to produce a book on how businesses, salespeople, and marketers can leverage video in today’s world. (10:09)
  • Tyler mentions that written blog content is still valuable and significant. However, if your entire content strategy for engaging your audience is written blogs, you have to work on it a bit. (13:23)
  • Tyler shares that as a video hosting and publishing platform, what they do first is put those videos on your website and other places, and make sure that it’s centrally managed. (19:58)
  • Tyler mentions that they have been doing a video hosting solution for over 10 years, and a couple of years ago they launched a tool that acts as a Chrome extension.  (21:58)
  • Tyler shares that he was recognized in the initial batch of Fearless 50 Marketers, from around the world. (25:38)
  • Tyler mentions that as you’re marketing and selling, look for new channels, and look for new ways to engage your audience. Build your personal profile as best you can and that’ll go a long way as you build your authority, and trust in the future. (34:06)

Key Quotes:

  • “Having authority, building a community around that, and having the trust of those folks, which I think comes part and parcel with not only having the authority but leveraging it as an asset. That’s what helps you be efficient and grow in the future because it creates this foundation that becomes this self-perpetuating organic motion and more folks who come to you as an authority, help you grow your business faster than ever.” – Tyler Lessard
  • “I absolutely love what I do here as a marketer in the tech space, where much like we started the conversation, I love to tell stories, I love to create content that moves people, I love to build community. And all of that is ultimately about helping people be successful in what they’re trying to do.”  – Tyler Lessard
  • “We can’t build authority with written content and boring emails, we have to put ourselves out there, we have to create our brands, we have to tell visual stories, we have to communicate with people in more trustworthy and personal ways online. And that’s really what video is all about.”  – Tyler Lessard
  • “You know what, to change what we do, to change our business, to change the world, we have to be a little bit more fearless in how we approach marketing and selling. Try new things and embrace change.”  – Tyler Lessard

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