In today’s episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Chris Cheatham,  the CEO of Risk Genius. Chris talks about the importance of knowing your policy coverage, Covid-19 coverage concerns, litigations, and social inflation. Chris also shares what made them build the algorithm, and how Risk Genius can help with technology and automation.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason Cass introduces guest Chris Cheatham. (1:01)
  • Is Chris an Android or an iPhone user? (2:27)
  • What was the last app that Chris downloaded? (2:35)
  • Does Chris love to win or hate to lose?  (5:35)
  • What does Chris attribute to his success, skill, or luck? (6:06)
  • Chris shares his background story and the secret of his success. (8:22)
  • Chris tells a story about the carrier who wants to use their software for policy review and checking. (13:49)
  • Chris explains why they develop algorithms that understand General Liability policies. (18:29)
  • Chris states that he was not necessarily an insurance expert when he started. (18:55)
  • Chris shares that it took five years to figure out how they continuously add different lines of business for carriers. (19:26)
  • Chris speaks about the greatest coverage crisis in the history of insurance. (20:53)
  • Did anybody find out that there was actually COVID coverage? (21:56)
  • Chris talks about social inflation. (28:57)
  • Chris shares that Warren Buffett came up with a letter to the shareholders in 1975. (29:02)
  • Chris says that some states are looking to create immunity for businesses that open up like nursing homes. (37:56)
  • Chris states that policy checking will become even more vital going forward. (44:31)

Key Quotes:

  • “I just try to be the nerdiest nerd of all nerds.”- Chris Cheatham
  • “If you have the entire country shut down for pandemic insurance, insurance doesn’t have the dollars to actually back that up.”- Chris Cheatham
  • “Policy checking is going to become even more important going forward.”- Chris Cheatham

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