ROI Is Not A Marketing Thing, It’s Business

by | March 9, 2021



In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Joe Kampert, the Vice President of Redwood Agency Group. Joe talks about his approach in the insurance industry and why business owners must look into their ROI.

Episode Highlights:

  • What has contributed to Joe’s career, skill or luck? (8:13)
  • Joe shares the origins of his insurance career. (16:22)
  • Does Joe’s agency handle personal or commercial insurance? (19:42)
  • Joe explains why business owners must look into their ROI. (24:02)
  • Joe discusses his agency’s virtual groups and events. (30:04)
  • Joe tells us why he’s a big believer in collaboration. (33:36)
  • Joe explains the “house of dreams”. (38:37)

Key Quotes:

  • “I don’t hold anything back. I’m always trying to help in bringing agents together, because I think collectively we can change this industry. I think we’re starting to. We’re on this trend that 10,15, 20 years from now…You know, I’ve always said it’s better to be at the top of the mountain together versus being there alone. ” – Joe Kampert
  • “I’m seeing a trend of strategic referral partnerships. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I’m going to provide the optimal experience to the client, right? That’s our word of the year here at Redwood: experience. It never feels like a transaction. It’s always going to be a positive experience in anything that you’re doing with us.” – Joe Kampert
  • “You can’t change people’s opinions with a comment. I need to see your face. I want to see how you’re trying to relay information to me.” – Joe Kampert

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