RHS 098 – Clint Pulver on Why Great Leaders Are Mentors

by | April 22, 2021



In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan is joined by Clint Pulver, Emmy Award winning keynote speaker, professional drummer, and author of I Love It Here. A former private pilot turned generational workforce expert, Clint has dedicated his professional career as the undercover millennial, uncovering the secrets to what leaders are doing right. Clint shows us how to be mentor-managers and why this particular management style is the key to future organizational growth.

Episode Highlights:

  • Clint shares his background. (9:04)
  • Clint shares what being undercover is all about. (19:09)
  • Clint mentions the magic of the research. (23:33)
  • Has Clint worked in the insurance industry? (24:23)
  • Clint mentions the four types of managers and management. (26:36)
  • Clint shares the significance of mentorship. (29:35)
  • Clint mentions the research he did during the pandemic. (34:12)
  • Clint explains the five C’s of mentorship. (36:30)

Key Quotes:

  • “Sometimes we have no idea. You’re in the right place, the right time, something happens. And, we don’t even recognize the moment when it’s happening. But, there’s power in when somebody actually takes the time to design it… to create it in someone’s life.” – Clint Pulver
  • “When a manager became a mentor in somebody’s life, where they advocated as much as they developed, when somebody looked at that person and said…Because of you, my life’s going to be a better story.” – Clint Pulver
  • “No significant loyalty will ever happen without significant connection. Mentorship is priceless in this because mentorship is not leadership. It’s also not management. Mentorship cannot be given, it’s not a title. Nobody gives a title to a mentor. You’re not like, you got this promotion. Now you’re a mentor. It doesn’t happen that way. Mentorship has to be earned, and it’s earned by who you are.” – Clint Pulver

Resources Mentioned:

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