RHS 090- Nick Jordan on the #1 Thing You Can Do to Scale Inbound Traffic

by | March 4, 2021



In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Nick Jordan, founder of ContentDistribution.com and the ClusterAI platform, joins the podcast for one of the nerdiest marketing episodes in the history of this podcast. It’s amazing… you’re going to love it (and learn something).

Episode Highlights:

  • Nick shares his background. (7:17)
  • Nick gives an insight into the conversation around organic searches. (10:18)
  • Nick shares why the opportunities around SEO are bigger than you might think. (14:49)
  • Nick mentions the problem that most businesses have or most business owners feel. (15:03)
  • Nick explains the funnel. (17:35)
  • Nick shares a summary of what ClusterAI does. (26:23)
  • Nick mentions why content velocity is the main thing to do. (28:19)
  • Nick explains the Youtube embeds. (34:16)

Key Quotes:

  • “When you’re leveraging backlinks to drive a particular outcome, what you’re doing is you’re praying to the Google gods. And if something goes wrong, you’re praying again, because there are too many variables to diagnose and resolve. But when your strategy is entirely focused on being better than any other page, Google could show 100% in your control.” – Nick Jordan
  • “You look for adjacent services or questions that your customer will always have. And then you target those to build awareness there. I call this brandjacking when you rank for other people’s brand. And I love it because the more they spend on marketing, the more people going into your funnel.” – Nick Jordan
  • “Google would be a very, very poor user experience if anyone could just post content and it ranks, you know, Google’s like the stock market, it’s going to bleed up.” – Nick Jordan

Resources Mentioned:

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