RHS 088 – Josh Braun Teaches Us How to Dominate Cold Email Prospecting

by | February 18, 2021



In the latest episode of the Ryan Hanley Show, host Ryan Hanley interviews Josh Braun, the Founder of Sales DNA. The Master Guru of cold email prospecting, (and all things sales), Josh Braun, explains why we don’t get the response rate on cold outreach we should be and what to do about it.

Episode Highlights:

  • Josh mentions why salespeople will typically work with him. (17:50)
  • What has been one of the huge obstacles right at the beginning for Josh? (19:26)
  • Josh shares the best way to understand the customers. (21:47)
  • Josh mentions why he would highly recommend interviewing five or six customers.
  • Why does Josh prefer shorter emails? (26:25)
  • Josh mentions the two factors that your prospect wanted. (31:27)
  • Can Josh define their superpower and show them in a way that they even have a problem to begin with, and allow them to make the connection? (33:28)
  • Josh shares a story that happened several years ago with his wife when he saw a U-Haul. (40:39)
  • Josh shares a story of a man named, Dale Dupree. (46:43)
  • Josh mentions the visuals that he teaches to people. (51:09)

Key Quotes:

  • “So, the biggest mistake that I see people make, and it’s no fault of their own, is that they’ve never done the job of the person that they’re reaching out to. And so oftentimes, they’re speaking a completely different language.” – Josh Braun
  • “Nobody wakes up one day and just buys a product, they will try to get by the best way they know how to get by because of habit and anxiety. It’s hard to glean that information a lot of times from marketing materials because there’s a spin to it.” – Josh Braun
  • “The superpower is you need to shine a light on a problem that people don’t know about because every one of your prospects is running in their own sneakers today. I call these illumination questions.” – Josh Braun

Resources Mentioned:

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