RHS 087 – Todd Stottlemyre on Mastering Your Emotions to Master Your Life

by | February 4, 2021



In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Two-time World Series Champion, Todd Stottlemyre, joins the podcast to discuss his new book, The Observer: A Modern Fable on Mastering Your Thoughts & Emotions. While the book and the concepts and tactics contained within it are excellent, this conversation goes even deeper in ways we could have never expected. You’re going to love this…

Episode Highlights:

  • Todd shares about his success. (7:42)
  • Todd mentions the difference between sports and business. (8:53)
  • How does Todd get people aligned? (13:45)
  • Todd mentions what’s unique about a sports team. (14:06)
  • How was Todd able to pull himself together and focus when he needed to? (22:21)
  • Todd shares his routine to get in the zone. (24:37)
  • Todd mentions the essential functions he needed to be able to perform daily. (27:41)
  • Todd mentions his mindset on preparation. (30:30)
  • Todd mentions the significance of starting your day with yourself. (41:16)
  • Todd explains what the seven-day challenge is all about. (49:38)

Key Quotes:

  • “If everyone individually is very, very focused and harnessing their role and becoming the best version, they can have their role, because of what it means to the business or what it means to the team. This is where you start to get peak performance.” – Todd Stottlemyre
  • “How do you see yourself on this team? Let me help you become the best version of you, at this company, on your job, in your role. And by doing this, by me helping you and by me helping you hit your goal, we’re going to hit our team goal.” – Todd Stottlemyre
  • “So, what I’ve learned over 15 years is what’s the perfect routine for me, so that when I hit that mound at game time, mentally, emotionally, from a psychological standpoint, from a biology standpoint, I could get myself into the state of flow, total focus, total concentration, so that I could perform at a peak level that night.” – Todd Stottlemyre

Resources Mentioned:

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