Paul Gaglioti: Brokered Business Just Got Easy…For Real

by | March 16, 2021



In this episode of the Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Paul Gaglioti III, CIC, the CEO and Founder of Harbor.AI. Paul talks about their approach in the insurance industry and what Harbor.AI is all about.

Episode Highlights:

  • What has attributed to Paul’s success: skill or luck? (14:21)
  • Does Paul think that insurance is a great industry? (23:36)
  • What are Paul’s goals as a tech-enabled digital wholesale intermediary? (27:04)
  • What is Harbor.AI? (29:26)
  • Paul walks us through their appointment process. (32:04)
  • Paul highlights some of the features his app offers. (33:30)
  • Paul explains the focus of his business. (36:46)

Key Quotes:

  • “You have to be on top of how products shift and evolve. That, in itself, is something very complex. There’s a lot of great trading partners in the space that can help you do that.” – Paul Gaglioti
  • “I believe that luck is where preparation meets opportunity, right? So, I think that’s a combination factor. You unlock everything with time and dedication.” – Paul Gaglioti
  • “If a carrier works with us, we are going digital with you. If you don’t want to go digital with me, I can’t help you because it’s just not the way the deal trades out.” – Paul Gaglioti

Resources Mentioned:

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