Money Doesn’t Disappear, It Just Changes Ownership Says Preston Schmidli, Nicholas Ayers, Mcbilly Sy, and Will Shaw

by | April 28, 2020



In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, Jason Cass hosts Nicholas Ayers, Will Shaw, Preston Schmidli, and McBilly Sy to talk about their new startup, Better Agency. They discuss their reasoning for starting this new company, their goals, and how they feel Better Agency will shape the future of the insurance industry.

Episode Highlights: 

  • The big project they have been working on is Better Agency, and their goal is to make a better insurance agency.
  • Better Agency is not a sponsor of Agency Intelligence.
  • They are really excited about how quickly everything is moving with Better Agency, and hope it will get people back to the roots of selling insurance.
  • They discuss how they have started connecting with management systems and their roadmap.
  • CRM and AMS don’t really apply, they are trying to make a new definition.
  • They discuss their thoughts on content overload.
  • It depends on your perspective. It’s a limiting belief to say “everyone is doing it” even though there has been an increase.
  • From a high level, how many different types of marketing are there and what do they look like?
  • There’s a difference between advertising and marketing.
  • Frustration with other insurance companies and the desire to change the industry as a whole.
  • Failure to adapt to change (having employees work from home, using electronic files, etc.) is hurting a lot of insurance companies in the current economic and world situation.
  • Better Agency is looking at how they can make their agencies effectives, streamlined, effective, and profitable.
  • Money doesn’t disappear, it changes ownership.
  • Having everything simplified into one platform is one of the selling points for Better Agency.
  • Does Will love to win or hate to lose?
  • More accurately, it’s the drive to succeed and keep succeeding.
  • Will talks about his previous football career, and how a serious injury changed his path.
  • What are Will’s thoughts about our current industry and where does he think insurance is going?
  • It’s important to dispel the lie that “it’s not that simple” and make it so that it is that simple. 
  • It’s all about perspective. Insurance is a great industry, and they are trying to solve how to make it “simple”.
  • The whole idea of Better Agency is to make running an insurance agency more efficient.
  • Take-aways: Why have we not been given the tools we need to be successful?

3 Key Points:

  1. Better Agency is trying to create a new definition for management systems; they feel that CRM and AMS do not really apply to them.
  2. Better Agency is trying to “future-proof” their business and be willing to adapt to change.
  3. It is that simple. Do the thing that they said you can’t do.

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “Our goal is to make agents’ lives easier.” -Nicholas Ayers
  • “Charisma and the ability to talk does not equal sales skills.” -Nicholas Ayers
  • “10-15% of our industry will not make it if this goes on more than a month or two.” Jason Cass
  • “I can either cling to my values and my perspectives or I can be open to change and be happy.” -Preston Schmidli
  • “Just follow the dollar. It leaves a trail and it’ll show you where it’s going and why.” -Preston Schmidli
  • “There is so much more opportunity right now from my home than I’ve ever had in the history of ever.” -Preston Schmidli

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