Landing Large Accounts Are About Capabilities

by | May 5, 2020



In today’s episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Ryan Deeds, Vice President, Technology and Data Management at Assurex Global. Ryan talks about data and his ideas about retention, revenue, producers, and sales discipline. Ryan also discusses one core analytic and its significance.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason Cass introduces guest Ryan Deeds. (1:09)
  • How does Ryan Deeds think Covid affects work? (3:23)
  • Ryan Deeds talks about what he is doing for agencies. (4:56)
  • What is “one core analytic” for Ryan Deeds? (5:40)
  • Ryan Deeds shares that the smaller the firm is, the smaller its average account sizes. (6:17)
  • Jason Cass talks about a targeted prospecting list. (10:18)
  • What does Ryan Deeds think when he looks at agencies and how they mature over time? (12:11)  
  • Ryan Deeds thinks that every agency probably has started as a general agency. (14:55)
  • Jason Cass talks about his top two producers. (16:57)
  • How does Ryan see retention and what’s his opinion about it? (20:22)
  • A producer is a hunter-killer. (21:05)
  • Ryan Deeds think about two agencies all the time for comparison. (26:34)

3 Key Points:

1. Ryan Deeds believes that if you set the behavioral patterns in place today, they’re much easier to maintain as you grow than they are to change once you get to some mythical number.

2. If Ryan Deeds is an agency principal today and he wants to understand what his producer’s roles are, he would do a quick audit and ask a few producers what are their responsibilities. If they say anything other than selling a business or making new relationships then you probably need to adjust that sum and that adjustment will pay off and it’s paid long term.

3.     The primary job today of Ryan Deeds is to help Assurex Global, which is a large conglomerate of insurance agencies, understand their data more effectively, and how to leverage that data and monetize it

Key Quotes:

  • “I believe that every agency has the ability to strategically figure out how to go after bigger fish, bigger fish go after capabilities.”- Ryan Deeds
  •  “It takes a long time to get it right and whoever you get in there to do it, if they’re telling you it’s an easy button to win, it’s not. It’s a multi-year process.”- Ryan Deeds
  •  “I need the producer that’s gonna go and take 100 no’s on this class of business as quickly as possible at this size to get the one yes so I can understand the math behind it.”- Ryan Deeds

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