Jason Cass & Ryan Deeds: Building An Agency Part 4

by | September 29, 2020



In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass continues the fourth part of his miniseries, Building An Agency. For the final episode of the miniseries, Jason brings on guest, Ryan Deeds, VP of Technology and Data Management at Assurex Global to talk about technology and data management, Agency Management Systems, software development, electronic signatures, and more.

Key Quotes:

  • “I think today in today’s world, a nimble firm that has a good strategy, even if you’re two people, three people, starting it up from the with the right perspective in mind, the capabilities and the things that you can deliver today to both your internal staff and your external customers are so much more significant.”  – Ryan Deeds  (03:33)
  • “Every tool that’s out there, every Agency Management System that’s out there will solve the problem. It’s really about a commitment to the Agency Management system that you choose, the phones that you choose, and how to leverage those the most effectively.” – Ryan Deeds (4:38)
  • “If I’m just starting out in the agency, what I’m doing first is writing down those kinds of things like e-signatures, that’s cutting the grass.” – Ryan Deeds (12:24)
  • “Go get the right tool for the right job, learn how to use it.”  – Ryan Deeds (18:53)
  • “Every wrench has its own limitations. But I guarantee most of our agencies that are listening to this and out their period, have not hit the limitations of the wrench. They’ve hit the limitations of their budget allotment to spend money to learn that wrench.” – Ryan Deeds (22:28)
  • “Just give yourself a little bit of freedom. Make sure that you forgive yourself for screwing up. Keep trying to learn.” – Ryan Deeds (24:27)
  • “I think that if you’re starting a new agency, or you have an agency, and you’re ready to grow and get out, that’s where we got to start, right? We got to prep the site, we got to know who we are, we got to understand what who we’re going after, what the limitations are, what are true tools that we need.”- Jason Cass (26:04)
  • “You can go out and get one piece of software that fundamentally changes your whole deal. And you can implement it in a week and get that done. And now you have a better customer experience.” – Ryan Deeds (26:37)
  • “If you can maximize your advantage over the slog, the slowness, that’s where you’ve got to be, you know, you can make decisions quicker, you can implement stuff faster, you can fail more rapidly.” – Ryan Deeds (26:56)

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