Jason Cass: Building An Agency Today – Part 1

by | September 18, 2020



In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass talks about getting markets, discovering who you are, prospecting, and servicing, as he explains it from a new agent’s perspective and an established agent perspective.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason thinks that the best way to get better is to get some training, and that’s what he and many other agents have done, watch others, and figure out what they’re doing with the successes and what they’re doing with their failures. (2:02)
  • Jason shares when he and Mike Beard started their agency in 2002. (4:37)
  • Jason mentions that Mike Beard was his number one mentor. (4:56)
  • Jason shares that the reason he left Mike was that he could get a job four blocks down the road, from his house. (5:09)
  • Jason mentions that after three years, he joined another agency called The Insurance Partnership. (5:22)
  • Jason shares that he wants loyal listeners to know that Tom Simpson is a real person, a person who trusted him, a person that he trusts, and they did business and he owes him and the team at The Insurance Partnership a lot because they taught him everything that he knows today. (7:03)
  • Jason mentions that he decided over Thanksgiving in 2009, that he was planning to start his agency. (7:30)
  • Jason mentions that 95% of the world’s problems are caused by a lack of communication or miscommunication. (9:36)
  • Jason shares that discovering who you are, building your brand, and creating your culture, is vital nowadays in how you will be successful, plays a substantial part in the great separator. (11:12)
  • Jason mentions that we need to know the audience we are going to attract so that we can build the authority. (12:35)
  • Jason mentions that at The Insurance Alliance, they are an agency that writes commercial insurance. (12:54)
  • Jason shares that he wants his team to spend their time on servicing their clients, and he believes that servicing their clients creates better sales. (13:44)
  • Jason mentions that you shouldn’t reach out to an aggregator because there are better options out there. (20:14)
  • Jason shares that one of the reasons why others start their independent insurance agency is because they’re tired of representing just one company exclusive. (20:38)
  • Jason mentions that the things that other people are telling you can, and can’t work, they telling you the truth and lies because everything can truly work. (21:47)
  • Jason explains the significance of knowing who we are. (22:36)
  • Jason shares that you don’t have to provide the solution, as long as you can lead them to the solution. (25:57)
  • Jason mentions that discovering who you are, is vital and a game-changer. (27:01)
  • Jason explains the three mediums and those are, blogging, video, and podcasting. (28:53)

Key Quotes:

  • “It was great because the wisdom they gave me was beautiful, and the contacts they helped me establish were just unbelievable. I still have some of those contacts and those accounts to this day.” – Jason Cass
  • “If you’ve been working in an agency and you now are taking over that agency, you should know that about yourself and you have an edge up because you not only know who you are, you know who the agency is.” – Jason Cass
  • “When you started a business, you wanted a business that was going to be successful, that was going to be profitable, that was going to be something in the community that was going to be admired…That was your dream, this is where you build it.” – Jason Cass
  • “Listen, not more sales, better sales. I’ll take better sales over more sales, any day. Almost everything in the world you would take quality over quantity, every day.” -Jason Cass
  • “The things that we used to do in the past, the things we’re doing now to write these big whales used to be done at the big broker level.” – Jason Cass
  • “I’ve said it before. You can do the wrong thing. If you do it consistently enough, it’ll become the right thing. It’s just crazy. That is a lesson in telling you how powerful being consistent is.” – Jason Cass
  • “The reason why it’s important is to discover who we are is because when we discover who we are, we attract that type of person. When we attract that type of person. It makes our prospecting easier, but it also allows us to have authority. This is what this is all about. In this world today, the authority rules.” – Jason Cass

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