Jack Wingate: Working on the Business, Defined

by | March 6, 2020



In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jack Wingate, Founder and President of ALLCHOICE Insurance in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area. Jack Wingate talks about getting started in the insurance industry, what branding really means to him, the importance of being ok with not having all the answers so that you can find them, and why you need to spend some time outside of your agency. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason Cass introduces guest Jack Wingate and discusses AI Brainshare that is taking place on October 25-28th 2020 in Puerto Rico.  
  • Jason and Jack talk about membership in The Big I.  
  • Jack Wingate talks about how he has grown in the insurance industry.  
  • Is Jack Wingate an iPhone or an Android user? 
  • What is the last app that Jack downloaded?  
  • Does he hate to lose or love to win?
  • What is Jack’s core role in his agency?
  • What does working on the job look like for Jack? 
  • Accept that you don’t have all of the answers. 
  • Don’t make assumptions about your clients and hold your employees accountable. 
  • 53% of people would prefer a text from their professionals.  
  • We all think we are doing well until the statistical reports come into play.  
  • You can’t skip from step 1 to step 10 and expect the same experience and learning.  
  • Get outside of your agency and learn how other people are doing things. 
  • What does Jack Wingate attribute his success to, skill or luck? 

3 Key Points:

  1. Nothing happens until you go sell something.  
  2. We all know what we do everyday. We just may not have it formalized. 
  3. The tool doesn’t matter. The theory matters. Know what you need to accomplish and be humble enough to get out of your own way. 

Key Quotes:

  • “I think in five years a lot of those small agents are going to be gone and so my model was to come up with, I’ve got bandwidth if you will. I’ve got backend and I enjoy building out the technology component.” – Jack Wingate
  • “It’s like a hub-and-spoke type operation, where all choices are the center of this little universe and we’re able to make sure that processes run.” – Jack Wingate
  • “Brand is not necessarily about the outward marketing. The brand is about the experience that we are achieving internally, the experience that we are giving to the customer, the experience that we are giving to the staff.” – Jack Wingate

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