He Doesn’t Want Positive or Negative, Christian Moore Wants the Truth

by | March 13, 2020



In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Christian Moore, Owner of The REAL Insurance Agency, and Founder of The Edgent in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Christian Moore talks about his quest for the truth and transparency, ways that his agency is structured and give back to their local community, being a Christian entrepreneur, pushing agents to focus on giving good advice, and holding steadfast to his integrity.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason Cass introduces guest Christian Moore and discusses AI Brainshare that is taking place on October 25-28th 2020 in Puerto Rico.  
  • Is Christian Moore an Android or an iPhone user? 
  • What is the last app that Christian Moore downloaded? 
  • Does Christian Moore love to win or hate to lose? 
  • What does Christian attribute to his success, skill or luck? 
  • Christian is in the pursuit of truth. 
  • Christian talks about how his insurance agency gives back to their local community. 
  • How did Christian Moore grow up? 
  • Jason and Christian talk about being Christian entrepreneurs. 
  • He is paying his agents to give people good advice.  
  • REAL Insurance Agency developed a partnership with the largest title company in Kentucky where one out of every two homes sold in Central Kentucky will pass through them. 
  • Don’t dwell on those that hate you. Keep doing the right thing. 
  • What is something that Christian wishes he would have said on other podcasts?
  • Christian talks about a person that didn’t work out well at his agency even though he thought she would. 
  • Making tough decisions proves to others your strong level of commitment.  
  • We have to break down the silos of sales and service. 
  • There are proactive referrals and there are reactive referrals. 
  • What books has Christian Moore been reading? 
  • Alexander Hamilton’s superpower was administration. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about things. Large minds talk about ideas.  
  2. Generosity is at the core of Christian Moore’s agency and it has a higher success rate by turning away people that aren’t a good match. 
  3. Christian Moore wants his agency to be known more as trustworthy than as great salespeople.   

Key Quotes:

  • “I really don’t care if something is positive or negative. What I want is the truth. I want to know what is true and what is real and I want my pursuit of the truth and reality to drive me.” – Christian Moore
  • “All the things that you do in your agency should be geared towards supporting the why.” – Christian Moore
  • “I don’t have enough time to judge you. I don’t have enough time to worry about whether or not you live up to some other expectation. I can’t teach you to be a good person. I can teach you insurance.” – Christian Moore

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