Focus On The Things That Matter…To You

by | January 12, 2021



In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews David Wood, the Founder of David talks about what led to his career in coaching and how he’s helping business owners find their focus.

Episode Highlights:

  • Does David love to win or hate to lose? (7:31)
  • What’s the biggest factor that got David to where he is today? (9:24)
  • David shares how tragedies in his past led to where he is today. (13:31)
  • David shares that he embarked on a 20-year discovery of himself to discover a vulnerability, influence leadership, emotional intelligence, and all of the things he didn’t have as a kid. (16:24)
  • David shares an impactful story about coaching someone (17:49)
  • What do business owners struggle with most and how is David helping them? (19:40)
  • David shares an exercise you can do right now (25:06)
  • How does David fill his time outside of business? (32:58)
  • What is David reading right now? (40:49)
  • Why does David believe attachment is suffering? (42:39)

Key Quotes:

  • “They don’t come to me because they just want their relationships to be better, or to be a stronger leader. Other people can do that. They come to me because they want someone who has that rare capacity to straddle both worlds. So I’ve learned that I’m the bridge between the left brain and right brain.” – David Wood
  • “It’s fine to be attached to something as long as it stays with you. Right? Like your income, or your bank account, or your car or your dog or your partner or your parents. But as soon as they that’s threatened, which is going to happen, that’s the nature of life, that everything will disintegrate and go everything, everything.” – David Wood
  • “I don’t think there’s a wrong way to do things, you’re doing everything right, it got you this far, you’re doing great. If you want to do better, that’s a fun game. If you’re always looking for more, I’d be really happy to help you to achieve twice as much as what matters to you.” – David Wood

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