Drone Technology: If You Are Not Somewhere, You Are Nowhere

by | May 29, 2020



In today’s episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Dan Burton, founder of Drone Base company. Dan talks about the benefits, and efficiency of drone technology, especially during the Coronavirus situation. Dan also shares the mission and goal of his company.

Episode Highlights

  • Jason Cass introduces guest Dan Burton. (1:24)
  • Is Dan an Android, or an iPhone user? (3:28)
  • Does Dan love to win or hate to lose? (3:35)
  • What does Dan attribute to his success, skill, or luck? (4:24)
  • Dan shares his background story and the key to his success. (5:30)
  • Dan went to business school and did his research on drone commercialization before he started his company in 2014. (7:10)
  • Dan says that they’ve done hundreds of thousands of flights in all 50 US states and 70 different countries. (7:23)
  • How does Dan get better decisions by drone flight? (7:45)
  • Dan shares that they also do underwriting work more typically for commercial and industrial insurance. (9:17)
  • Dan says that Drone Base built the largest network of professional drone pilots in the world. (10:15)
  • Dan says that Drone Base is really pushing the operational edge of what’s possible. (14:30)
  • Does Dan think Amazon will be able to deliver with drones? (16:18)
  • Where does Dan see his business 5 to 10 years from now? (18:49)
  • Dan thinks drone technology has the ability of carriers to deliver value to their policyholders in natural disaster situations. (21:28)
  • Dan says that drone technology allows a way to provide a contactless inspection during this Coronavirus situation. (23:15)
  • What is Dan reading at this point right now? (26:47)

3 Key Points:

  1. The goal of Drone Base is to get its customers a better, faster, and safer decision from a drone flight that is powered by their network of drone operators all over the world.
  2. Dan thinks scale means being able to serve truly national companies, and multi-state also brings value to the individuals in a small town in Kansas.
  3. Dan believes drone technology has the ability of carriers to deliver value to their policyholders in natural disaster situations. 

Key Quotes:

  • “If you want someone to adopt the new technology, it has to be broadly applicable.” – Dan Burton
  • “I try to approach this industry with some core humility.” – Dan Burton
  • “I think we were pretty well ahead of that operational curve.” – Dan Burton

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