Daniel Seong: Long Life To Live Miserably, But A Short Life To Live Well

by | March 26, 2021



In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Daniel Seong, Founder of Great Park Insurance. Daniel talks about his approach in the insurance industry and what he has achieved.

Episode Highlights:

  • What does Daniel attribute his success to? (9:45)
  • Daniel shares his background. (11:31)
  • How did Daniel feel about his move to America from Korea? (15:36)
  • Daniel shares what he has learned from the past year. (17:38)
  • Does Daniel believe that delegation has been part of his success? (19:13)
  • Daniel discusses leadership and his team culture. (21:13)
  • What’s the main reason why agents don’t delegate? (22:12)
  • What are some of Daniel’s onboarding goals? (30:24)
  • Daniel shares that he’s reading a book called Unlearn, by Barry O’Reilly. (42:19)

Key Quotes:

  • “I’m finding out that the team is here to step in. And, we’ll figure it out. The service team left, but we figured it out. As long as the bond, the leadership, the respect for each other is solid and strong… people are willing to chip in.” – Daniel Seong
  • “As leaders, we have to keep pushing that envelope because we expect a lot of things from our staff and our team members, but yet we don’t push ourselves. The staff needs to see that.” – Daniel Seong
  • “Everybody just needs to do their part. No matter how big or how small they think it is, everybody matters. As long as the leader is conveying that one single direction, with time, it all works out.” – Daniel Seong

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