Daniel Faggella Is About To Blow Your Damn Mind

by | August 25, 2020



In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Daniel Faggella, Head of Research, CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research. Daniel discusses the significance of Artificial Intelligence, AI investments, chatbots, niching, and data algorithms.

Episode highlights:

  • Jason introduces the guest, Daniel Faggella. (1:01)
  • Jason explains the benefits of the AI Mastermind membership. (2:33)
  • Daniel shares what he has been doing over the past months. (4:13) 
  • Daniel says that artificial intelligence for underwriting and claims is just the name of the game. (5:18)
  • Why has marketing, and customer service not been what Daniel has expected? (6:06)
  • Daniel says that there are companies that want to allow people to know about and even exaggerate AI or tech applications that make them look good to their customers or investors. (6:46)
  • Daniel talks about the specific reasons why marketing and customer service are not gaining traction. (8:07)
  • Daniel gives two examples of AI applications. (8:34)
  • Does Daniel think that chatbots are good in the insurance industry? (10:31)
  • Daniel talks about what we can do with chatbots from a realistic perspective. (11:58)
  • Daniel explains why press releases are not market research. (15:27)
  • Daniel says that if you have two choices as to where AI investment is going in insurance, pick the one that’s most correlative to risk reduction. (15:54)
  • Daniel talks about how AI might start to creep into the agent land in two to three years. (21:58)
  • Daniel shares why he respects the entrepreneurial grin in a big way. (25:03)
  • Daniel talks about how agencies will be able to use Artificial Intelligence. (28:25)
  • What can Daniel advise for those who run a smaller business? (30:30)
  • What is Daniel reading right now? (32:18)

Key Quotes:

  • “If done right, chatbots involve a tremendous amount of forethought as to what are the low hanging fruit questions and use cases we actually want to use them for…mature companies are going to pick the sniper style areas where they actually want to apply chatbots” – Daniel Faggella
  • “I don’t pretend to have a crystal ball, but I will tell you that I’m very good at telling you what can’t be done now. I’m the man for that job.” – Daniel Faggella
  • “I respect the entrepreneurial grind in a big way.”  – Daniel Faggella

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