Cold Calling Success Is About Having Plan B’s In Place

by | September 15, 2020



In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jennifer Hasan, Sales Trainer and Consultant at Prospecting Works. Jennifer talks about proper prospecting and communication. She also shares her knowledge and expertise in cold calling and the significance of having the right mindset to be a successful salesperson.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason introduces Jennifer Hasan. (1:01)
  • Jason shares that discipline is needed when you’re trying to prospect and even the best prospectors have to rely on discipline. (3:22)
  • How long has Jennifer been an Android user? (3:40)
  • What was the last app that Jennifer downloaded? (5:33)
  • Jennifer shares that she’s always on the quest for difficult logic puzzles and it helps your brain to think in different ways. (5:42)
  • Does Jennifer love to win or hate to lose? (6:33)
  • What does Jennifer attribute to her success, skill or luck? (8:36)
  • Jennifer shares that a huge percentage of top athletes came from homes where they were raised by single mothers, and came from really difficult places yet they achieved insane success. (9:44)
  • Jennifer shares her background.  (10:33)
  • Jennifer shares that one of those freelance gigs she had, turned into a great job that led to her position as a Director of Business Development, for a marketing communication and design firm. (11:23)
  • Jason mentions that when we’re talking about business, we talk about finding the client and selling the client. (13:11)
  • Why do people not like to cold call? (14:11)
  • Is having a script one of the main things that you have to do to be successful? (16:10)
  • Jennifer shares that when she writes scripts for her clients, she writes it with the client mind, she’s using words that make the client feel comfortable with them because you have to be authentic. (16:22)
  • Jennifer mentions that it all goes back to being careful about who you’re calling, what you’re saying, and resisting the urge to call thousands of people. (19:55)
  • Jennifer mentions that if you want a dream client list, then only call companies that would qualify for that dream client list. (20:52)
  • Jason mentions that we can get better business by being proactive in our prospecting, rather than being reactive. (22:07)
  • Who taught Jennifer how to cold call? (23:19)
  • What’s going on in somebody’s head who’s not successful, against somebody who is a successful cold caller? (25:04)
  • Jason shares what he likes about cold calling. (25:49)
  • Jason believes that not every agency should be successful in generating new revenue, by having new clients. (27:59)
  • Does Jennifer also help people outside of cold calling for prospecting? (28:37)
  • Jennifer mentions that she’s a passionate advocate for cold calling. (29:39)
  • Jason mentions that 85% of communication is nonverbal, and that is something they lose. (29:43)
  • Jason thinks that Jennifer is helping him build his profile. (31:19)
  • Jennifer shares that with regards to being a good prospector, you have to believe in what you’re calling about, whether it’s a service or product. (34:43)
  • Jennifer mentions that she’s on a mission to improve how we prospect. (43:39)
  • Jason mentions that there are two different types of people that are bugging him all the time. (43:55)
  • Jennifer shares that if you figure out a way to make it streamline, and you would be surprised at the number of calls that you get would go down. (45:50)
  • Does Jennifer leave a voicemail or not? (46:21)
  • Jennifer shares that she always sends an email and references both the email and voicemail because the email is the easiest way for her prospect to get back in touch with her. (47:06)
  • Would Jennifer recommend video recording? (47:29)
  • Jennifer mentions that she’s currently working on a book. (49:22)
  • Jason thinks that someone like Jennifer would be good at positioning and it would help the independent insurance industry grow in commercial lines, which is something that they need to do to stay viable. (51:43)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think the sadness outweighs the happiness when I win, and I love proving people wrong…that to me, has been my greatest life motivator.” – Jennifer Hasan
  • “I was probably the most overqualified appointments setter around, but I built that business because I knew how to cold call and set appointments, and so I tell everybody, if you know how to set appointments, you will be employed for life.” – Jennifer Hasan
  • “I think that we come to cold calling with so much baggage, if not from family, but from the environment that cold calling is so difficult. It’s full of rejection, and none of that is true. And I blame trainers, cold calling trainers, for perpetuating those myths.” – Jennifer Hasan
  • “I start with the mindset and see what the garbage is that’s circling in your head around it because you can give somebody great scripts and you can teach them how to overcome objections and give them software, and all these sorts of things to set them up for success but if you don’t deal with what’s going on in their head, they will never be successful” – Jennifer Hasan
  • “I always want to be in control because everything else is passive. You’re just waiting for somebody to do something, and I don’t want to wait for somebody to do something.” – Jennifer Hasan
  • “You have every right to call these people, and they are going to be so happy to hear from you because you’re helping them solve a problem that they don’t have a solution for. And you’re calling with integrity, with authenticity, and a willingness to help.” – Jennifer Hasan

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