Brandon Smith: Don’t Compare Your Season of Life to Others

by | April 21, 2020



In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Brandon Smith, Managing Partner at Glidewell Investments & Insurance Group. Brandon Smith talks about how he started into the insurance industry, how he spent his time during the COVID-19 crisis, and how important building relationship is in this industry.

 Episode Highlights:  

  • Jason Cass introduces guest Brandon Smith  (1:06) 
  • Is Brandon Smith an Android or an iPhone user? (02:16) 
  • What is the last app that Brandon Smith downloaded? (2:29) 
  • Brandon talks about the stock he bought in the airlines. (3:02)
  • What does Brandon attribute to his success, skill or luck? (5:21) 
  • Does Brandon Smith love to win or hate to lose? (7:09) 
  • Brandon Smith shares his experience growing up (8:00) 
  • Brandon shares how he values relationships and people (13.04) 
  • Brandon shares an example of how to build a good relationship with business owners (15:24) 
  • As Brandon Smith gets older, where does he find himself going? (17:14) 
  • Brandon Smith agrees that there’s a unique opportunity for families on spending time together during this time. (23:54)
  • Brandon Smith gives a piece of encouragement to the listeners about not comparing your season to others in the industry and how to build a good relationship. (32:50)

3 Key Points: 

  1. Work-life balance isn’t a 50-50 split. It’s being 100% present.  
  2. The difference between a prospect and a policyholder is a relationship. 
  3. The competitive game is huge in this industry, you just have to be true to who you are. If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent in whatever you’re delivering and don’t compare to what others are doing. 

Key Quotes: 

  • “I think one piece of encouragement I could leave listeners with is don’t ever don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle.” – Brandon Smith 
  • “I’ve said it 1000 times, and I’ll say it a million more. The difference between a contact and a contract is the letter R. And that R is relationship..” – Brandon Smith
  • “There is so much negativity in this world today and in business, If we can just learn to pivot star mindset just a little bit, we can have exponential results.” – Brandon Smith 

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