Book 4, Episode 2: The Visual Age & The Buyer’s Journey Part 1

by | March 17, 2021



In the second episode of Book 4 of the Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone sits down with co-author of The Visual Sale, Tyler Lessard. They discuss Tyler’s journey into the world of video, how the evolution of buyer behavior has changed and how to use video during the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. We also hear about a conversation that Tyler had with his son when he began writing the book.

Episode Highlights:

  • What does Tyler attribute to his success; nature or nurture? (2:41)
  • Tyler mentions his definition of connection. (3:52)
  • After his first discussion with Marcus, Tyler discusses the goals they set for the book.  (5:53)
  • Tyler shares a story about his son, Alec. (8:21)
  • What are Tyler’s Four E’s of video? (11:53)
  • Tyler shares why he included home insurance as part of the video. (15:14)
  • What are some best practices for recording a video? (17:25)
  • Tyler shares what business owners must do before they start creating a video. (27:35)
  • Tyler mentions the five styles of educational videos. (33:16)
  • What advice would Tyler give to the listeners to overcome their hurdles? (43:08)
  • Tyler mentions the best strategy for video on social media. (53:08)

Key Quotes:

  • “We need to be mindful about how we enable people on the other ends of these connections. To connect with us, get to know us, to feel invested in our personality, in our success and to make them feel like we’re invested in them as well.” – Tyler Lessard
  • “If all else fails, start with your website. Look at what you’re trying to accomplish there. Could video help me tell a bigger, better story here? That’s going to create a more emotional connection with those buyers.” – Tyler Lessard
  • “The best strategy for video on social, is to create video content that is meant for the social networks. But that being said, many of us have a lot of great content that we can repurpose and reuse on these different channels. And, that’s absolutely an area that you can start and get value from quickly.” – Tyler Lessard

Resources Mentioned:

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