Book 4, Episode 1: The Art Of Video For Sales & Creating A Culture Of Video In-House

by | March 10, 2021



In the first episode of Book 4 of the Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone, begins his discussion with co-author of The Visual Sale, Marcus Sheridan. They discuss the six types of videos that you need to produce for your business, how to find & hire a videographer, and how to get buy-in from your team on embracing video. And you’ll find out what Marcus’ favorite book of all time is.

Episode Highlights:

  • What does Marcus attribute to his success, nature or nurture? (2:21)
  • Marcus mentions the Visual Sale website. (4:05)
  • Why does Marcus believe that an organization is a media company over a sales organization? (8:17)
  • Marcus shares why you need a videographer more than a salesperson. (9:21)
  • What is the difference between videos that are used for sales and videos that are used for marketing? (12:57)
  • How does the sales team integrate video into the sales process? (19:46)
  • Marcus mentions where the 80% video comes from. (19:52)
  • Marcus shares his opinion on the “About Us” video. (28:28)
  • What are the biggest mistakes that companies make with fit videos? (31:42)
  • Marcus shares the main key in the process of researching. (40:18)
  • Marcus mentions the aspects of a great videographer. (54:22)
  • Marcus shares a story about creating a video with Jenny. (1:05:44)

Key Quotes:

  • “The idea is that we’ve got to take part in the digital world and embrace the digital buyer, and therefore align with what the digital buyer wants. That’s why you have to see yourself as a media company.” – Marcus Sheridan
  • “If we can help the sales team shorten the sales cycle and close more deals today, it was worth it. Regardless of what happens on the marketing side, regardless of if it ever produces a single lead, it was worth it. This is essential to remember.” – Marcus Sheridan
  • “I don’t want to write about the best equipment that I should be using to get started, that could change so much over the next year. It would be silly to do that. So, that’s the type of content that we would need to have on so that we can evolve it. I wanted this book to be more evergreen that you read in five years, it could be just as relevant.” – Marcus Sheridan

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