Book 3, Episode 5: Business Case Studies In Influence

by | October 19, 2020



In the fifth episode of Book 3 of the Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone continues his discussion with the author Brian Ahearn.  They discuss how the principles of influence impacted others in very well known and public situations and what the company or person should have done.  And you’ll find out if Brian was able to put his daughter on a plane after watching the movie Taken.

Key Quotes:

  • “I think being so rooted in, we’re the biggest in the world, we don’t need to change, people need to change in relation to us, was a big part of the downfall.”  – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (5:14)
  • “Their inability to persuade the right people, I think is a big reason that they missed the mark so badly and ultimately lost their dominance, and filed for bankruptcy.” – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (7:14)
  • “I always say, great ideas don’t become projects until somebody above you says yes. So to me, that shows that everybody in an organization has to at some level, have good persuasive skills. Otherwise, those really smart minds, who could propel you forward may not be listened to.” – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (8:14)
  • “If you’re not giving me something out of a genuine thought of giving, if you’re really giving it as a tactic, just to get me to do something, then what I’m saying no to is the tactic.” – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT(31:26)
  • “If we don’t act here, it could be the downside, that starts to make a very persuasive case to listen closely to what those people have to say, rather than just thinking, you don’t know what you’re talking about, we’re doing fine.” – Brian Ahearn (10:25)
  • “I might say, you know Josh, everything you’ve said makes complete sense to me, and there’s a part of me that’s drawn to that. Another part of me deep inside that said, something’s not right here, and I’m going to have to trust my gut for now on this and just remove myself from the situation.” – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (32:10)
  • “Even when we are not focused on something, we are still taking in that stimulus. That’s a big reason that people could become alert to the danger that helped us survive, and I think that’s the mechanism that’s at work. You can’t put your finger on it, but your senses are taking in enough for you’re saying something’s not right here and therefore, I need to proceed with caution.” – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (32:46)
  • “If you and I now had to negotiate something, we would have a much better opportunity to come up with some kind of deal. Because I get a sense that you like me, I like you, there is respect and trust, there are all these variables that will have us hang in there longer and work harder to come up with a deal.”  – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (56:05)
  • “I think it’s critical that we do what we can to get to know people because we will have a better opportunity to negotiate a deal, close the deal, get that first appointment, whatever it is that we need them to do, and that goes back to the principles of liking that if we have things in common reciprocity if I can do something that genuinely helps you and you feel good about me, and if I can discover anything about unity, maybe you know, we’ve talked a little bit about faith, sharing the same faith over things build momentum to say there’s a relationship here.”  – Brian Ahearn, CPCU, CTM, CPT, CMCT (56:40)

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