Book 2, Episode 6: The Meeting & The Client Experience. Chapters 12 & 13. We Arrive At The Final Meeting To Close The Prospect And Learn The Foundation To Providing A Client Experience Unlike Any Other

by | September 14, 2020



In this episode of the Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone concludes his discussion with David Carothers, the author of the book, The Extra 2 Minutes.  They discuss how everything leading up to this moment has prepared us to close the deal and how to provide the client experience that no one has seen before. And David lets us in on a secret about his upcoming book.

Episode Highlights:

  • How is David feeling with this being the last episode? (00:44)
  • David mentions that he will write another book. (1:08)
  • David shares that he’s had several people reach out to him from just hearing the podcast great (1:28)
  • What has writing this book meant to David? (2:15)
  • David thinks that he underestimated the reach that we have on people and our ability to influence people in changing the way they run their business, or they approach sales. (2:23)
  • In David’s opinion, if the book has made enough impact on people, they’ll take the time to go do that. (3:39)
  • Josh shares the reason why he’s doing this podcast. (4:29)
  • David mentions that he’s generous with his time, he likes helping people, and he likes knowing that the advice that he gave helps them win. (5:10)
  • David tells Josh that he has never felt more vulnerable than writing a book and just putting it out to the public. (5:41)
  • Josh mentions that this is making him contemplate writing a book. (6:18)
  • David shares that writing a book is a good exercise and therapeutic. (6:25)
  • David mentions that he’s one of those people where he can’t just put something on the schedule that requires some level of creativity and thought into it. (7:20)
  • If David could go back to when he was writing it, what would he have done differently, and what would he keep the same for writing the book? (8:01)
  • Does David have any advice for the loyal readers who would be contemplating writing a book? (9:43)
  • Josh mentions the next section of the book, which is closing the deal and it starts with Chapter 12, The Meeting. (10:03)
  • Could David give us an example of how or what he would say to the prospect in discussing the journey, how he prospects, why he’s a good fit, and why they’re a good fit? (11:47)
  • David shares that it’s essential to know the prospects that you’re going to be able to make the biggest impact on, and have the best opportunity to drive, and change in their organizations. (12:26)
  • David shares one of the best success stories he ever had. (13:42)
  • Does David ever get to the point and realize that the prospect is not a good fit for him and the agency, and how does he pivot the conversation to not move forward? (17:10)
  • David shares that he doesn’t want to ask people about the insurance-related question because they’re automatically associating that with having to physically purchase something, or prematurely make the decision to do business with him. (20:25)
  • David explains the significance of the three questioning processes. (24:37)
  • David thinks that people tend to make the mistake of talking badly about their competition. (27:03)
  • David mentions his biggest concern. (29:44)
  • What if David’s agency isn’t appointed with the company, does it matter? (36:20)
  • Josh shares that if you want to download a sample of the termination letter and bullet points, just open up the book, go to the last part of each section, and you will see a website. (38:17)
  • Josh mentions the final section and chapter of the book which is Chapter 13, Onboarding. (38:32)
  • Josh believes that the client’s experience is something that we all need to strive for, regardless of the type of industry or client we are dealing with. (39:02)
  • Josh shares that this chapter consists of essentially six things that Florida risk partners do to provide a truly exceptional client experience. (39:32)
  • David mentions his challenge for everyone. (44:57)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you do your research and you find the hot buttons, and you know what’s going to motivate somebody, then you go into that meeting, and it’s more about you learning about them than it is them hearing you. Just spew out everything you possibly can in the limited amount of time about your business, you’re going to gain their respect and their trust much quicker.” – David Carothers
  • “My ultimate goal is to demonstrate that I know about them by asking questions that require them to give me answers to help me know them, on an even deeper level.” – David Carothers
  • “Even though we’re salespeople, we want to be called trusted advisors. And there’s an art and a science to doing that. I talk about it all the time, it’s not just art, it’s not just a skill, it’s both.” – David Carothers
  • “When you think a good job is done, sit there and think, what’s the one thing I can do to take this to the next level in two minutes or less? Then do it because that’s what your competition isn’t doing.” – David Carothers

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