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Book 2, Episode 4: Marketing Part 2. Chapter 6-8. It’s All About The Creative Follow-Ups

by | August 31, 2020



In this episode, host Joshua Lipstone of The Explain This Book To Me podcast continues his discussion with David R. Carothers, CIC, CRM, the author of the book, The Extra 2 Minutes.  They discuss how important the followup is after your marketing drop, how you need to be creative to gain extra touches with the prospect, and what to do if that first marketing drop didn’t go exactly as planned.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the ideal day at Florida risk partners for David and what is David doing when he spends time with his family? (2:10)
  • Does David want his producers to enter the contact invites by a certain time of day? (6:16)
  • David says everyone on his team collaborates for the scripts to make sure everyone is on the same page. (8:00)
  • Did David follow someone to gain knowledge? (9:17)
  • David says that the book, Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, is the most impactful book he read in his career. (10:15)
  • David thinks that social media and platforms like LinkedIn have made it so much easier for us to digest high points and snippets from things. (11:00)
  • What are some common objections that a salesperson would encounter and how can they overcome that in a phone call? (12:28)
  • Do David and his team do any role play? (21:49)
  • Does David have a producer who’s making the follow-up phone call? (25:03)
  • What are the things that David or his producers have changed when something wasn’t going their way? (26:51)
  • David explains the difference between focusing on solving a problem and focusing on selling a product. (27:52)
  • David gives examples of the question that people should be asking their prospect to get the “NO”. (29:50)
  • David shares what guests on the Power Producer Podcast receive. (48:16)
  • Davis shares an idea of how a voicemail script may go if he’s making a follow-up call after being rejected by or potentially rejected by the prospect. (52:07)
  • Josh talks about David’s methods written in the book to help leverage connections. (55:22)
  • David explains why you’re missing the boat if you aren’t using LinkedIn. (1:01:12)

Key Quotes: 

  • “When I had kids, I made a commitment. I’m going to raise them right, I’m going to always make time for them so that they never have to wish they had more time with me. I’ve got a pretty good work-life balance.” – David Carothers
  • “To a certain degree, a shift in how technology has changed things is that we follow people now, not books…social media and platforms like LinkedIn have made it so much easier for us to digest high points and snippets from things” – David Carothers
  • “I like to be challenged. And these guys will challenge me and I’ll challenge them back.” – David Carothers

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