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Book 1, Episode 6: Chapters 12 – 14. The Infographic That Changed It All Part 2

by | July 31, 2020



In this episode of Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone continues his conversation with Jason Cass, author of Customer Service Is Just Foreplay: The Modern Customer Experience Will Separate You From Your Competition. Josh and Jason talk about the second half of the Infographic from the book. They discuss how to propose, not quote, the sale through technology and automation.  How to onboard and service your new clients with welcome packets, self-service options, mobile app, email, and social media and what to do to cross-sell and refer more business to your agency.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the one thing from the book that people agree with Jason about, and what is the one thing about the book that people disagree with him about? (1:44)
  • Jason says that he writes blogs whenever he goes camping. (2:45)
  • Jason mentions that he’s writing about API versus RPA. (2:53)
  • Jason believes that RPA will turn into a robotic process. (3:17) 
  • Jason thinks that many people get upset because they pride their whole life on customer service, and society has changed it to customer experience. (4:17)
  • Jason says that the main pushback he’s getting is that people don’t want to change. (5:53)
  • Jason says that customer experience is a huge part of the great separator. (6:48) 
  • Josh says that when he read the statement of the CEO about independent agents, he felt betrayed. (7:26)
  • Jason shares his opinion about the CEO’s statement. (7:46)
  • Are agents moving in the direction of being able to replace insurance companies with any form of mechanism or will there always be insurance companies around, but fewer insurance companies? (10:02)
  • Jason says the people have figured out that in certain industries a middleman is not necessary, but sometimes it is. (12:09)
  • Jason believes that agents will eliminate each other, and employees will eliminate you quicker than your outside competition will. (13:30)
  • Josh shares that we should eliminate the word quote or quoting from our vocabulary. Instead, we use the word proposal or proposing because quoting is when you give someone a price, and as independent insurance agents need to do is propose. (14:07) 
  • How has the process changed and how should that process be changing, for our loyal listeners? (16:35)
  • Jason says that most agents don’t do a process, it means that they don’t do the DocuSign or the video. (23:01)
  • Jason talks about the futuristic show that he used to watch. (24:10)
  • Jason shares that the best people he’s ever seen are the Hawksoft users, because of their incredible reports. (26:53) 
  • Does Jason believe that an agency should find the best insurance for a prospect regardless of how it impacts the agency? (28:09)
  • Jason says that the biggest incentives to write business are the ones that are costing you the most on service. (31:07)
  • Jason mentions the rule of his agency, “Everything has to be even before we think about us.”. (32:26)
  • Jason says that in hyper niche-focused commercial lines, he learned that you can control almost all of the service card. (43:34)
  • Josh says that technology should not replace relationships, instead it should enhance relationships. (48:45)
  • Jason shares that those who are using automation are much more profitable, but sometimes they use automation to be profitable. (49:18)
  • Jason explains the four models. (49:45)
  • Josh talks about Claudia McLean and the longevity of her success. (50:33)
  • Josh mentions that AMS is the lifeblood of the agency. (51:13)
  • Does Jason want the AMS to do it all or does he want it to work with other things too? (52:48)
  • What is a referral, do agents receive referrals? (1:05:27)
  • Jason explains the significance of balance sheets. (1:13:58)
  • Jason explains how NPS is applied to agencies. (1:19:08)
  • Jason says that reputation score is more effective than a credit score. (1:19:26)
  • What is Jason’s opinion on people who use the phrase “the highest compliment I could ever receive is a referral” from you? (1:17:29)
  • Jason mentions that every touchpoint with your customers plays a huge role in reinforcing your brand’s image. (1:21:52)
  • Jason believes that commercial referral is awesome. (1:23:30)
  • Jason mentions that he used ActiveCampaign outside of Neon. (1:24:42)

Key Quotes:

  • “We’re talking about customer experience… It’s not just so much creating it for the customer, but it also creates less stress, less hectic, and less chaos inside the office. Because we know who we’re serving to create that customer experience.” – Jason Cass
  • “When I hear more sales, I hear productivity. When I hear less time, I think of efficiency… If we can all figure out how to produce more and spend less time doing it or spend less time servicing it, I think that’s what we would all do.” – Jason Cass
  • “You have to understand that sometimes when someone calls you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to talk to you… Sometimes they just don’t know how to find your services where they can do it themselves.” – Jason Cass

Resources Mentioned :

Will Separate You From Your Competition


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