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Book 1, Episode 5: Chapters 9 – 11. The Infographic That Changed It All Part 1

by | July 28, 2020



In this episode of Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone continues his conversation with Jason Cass, author of Customer Service Is Just Foreplay: The Modern Customer Experience Will Separate You From Your Competition. Josh and Jason discuss the first half of the Infographic from the book.  They discuss how your branding, USP, and niche dictate your sales funnel, how you can drive leads to your agency through organic and paid leads that drives the business you want and how to convert those leads by utilizing social media, content creation, email marketing, and your website. 

Episode Highlights

  • Are there any loyal listeners who emailed Jason about an episode he recorded five years ago? (2:03)
  • Jason shares the conversation he had with Daniel Burris a year ago. (2:41)
  • Joshua says that the guidance of Jason’s book was really helpful for him. (3:42)
  • Jason explains the difference between traditional sales funnel and the modern customer experience sales funnel. (5:45)
  • Joshua says that most of the information in Jason’s book and the information he may talk about on the podcast are related to commercial lines. (9:08)
  • Joshua says that one of the things that agency owners and agents need to think about is how to target specific classes of business and commercial lines. (9:42)
  • Joshua wants people to remember that time and knowledge are valuable (10:41)
  • Jason explains the two types of commercial sales. (11:27)
  • Jason shares his five-step USP that he uses when calling somebody. (12:01)
  • Joshua shares his favorite stories that Jason tells in this book. (18:13)
  • Jason tells the story about his recent success following the killing commercial method. (18:59) 
  • Joshua says that it is interesting that we have these cycles where things go out of style and come back in, like what we have now. (25:05)
  • What’s the first thing to focus on for someone who’s starting their own agency? (26:31)
  • Jason talks about his viral post about candles and rose petals. (30:41)
  • Where does Jason think people should focus their attention with regards to social media? (35:33)
  • Jason explains what Sales Navigator does for LinkedIn. (38:52)
  • Joshua talks about paid leads, which in his opinion is potentially the least used in the insurance industry. (46:34)
  • Jason says that YouTube is the future. (47:34)
  • Jason explains that his agency uses Facebook and other social sites as branding tools. (55:16)
  • What would Jason recommend to the loyal listeners on how they should use social media to convert personal, and commercial lines. (58:36)
  • Jason shares that in his opinion, Snapchat is the coolest platform. (1:07:16)

Key Quotes:

  • “You need to be in their life every day so that when that time does come, you now have some kind of authority and that’s what you do. Put some stuff out there on your social media. I don’t care if it’s once a week, I don’t care if it’s once every two weeks. Make sure you got something going on out there.” – Jason Cass 
  • “Some of the stuff we did still works, and some of the stuff that we did doesn’t work but what’s amazing is a lot of those things that didn’t work, we just tweaked it a little bit and it worked. Why did we tweak it? Because society changed, things change, platforms change.” 
  • “I’m just an insurance agent that believes in helping people.” – Jason Cass

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