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Book 1, Episode 4: Chapters 6 – 8. Do You Have The Right Tech, App, And Payment Solutions For Your Clients?

by | July 24, 2020



In this episode of Explain This Book To Me podcast, host Josh Lipstone continues his conversation with Jason Cass, author of Customer Service Is Just Foreplay: The Modern Customer Experience Will Separate You From Your Competition. Josh and Jason discuss how having the right technology, app, and payment solutions for your clients provide the Modern Customer Experience and you may be surprised about what is no longer as important in 2020 as it was in 2015.     

Episode Highlights:

  • Given the direction that Jason is taking the insurance Alliance now, is it possible for Jason to do it in a 56 square foot office? (2:03)
  • What did Jason benefit from having an office in the basement of his home? (3:45)
  • Jason mentions that he has three office locations. (4:34)
  • Jason talks about his meeting together with Neon and the agency owners. (5:50)
  • Jason shares the saying Wesley Anderson says to him that sticks to his mind. (7:30)
  •  Is working at home good or bad? (7:46)
  • Jason shares that as an agency owner, stress occurs when he tries to figure out the mentality of the staff and if they can deal with issues. (8:06)
  • Jason asks, what could the culture of an agency or business be like if you go from having an office to working from home? (8:40)
  • Jason mentions the significance of Robotics Process Automation. (13:47)
  • Do Jason’s clients use self-service for COIs? (18:28)
  • Joshua believes that mobile application is beneficial to his clients. (21:04)
  • Joshua shares that Jason will transfer from QQ to Veruna. (22:11)
  •  How does Jason position the application to his clients, and how does he market it to them? (22:27)
  • Jason mentions how to get commission statements from a website. (22:49)
  • Jason shares that management systems are available on mobile applications. (24:31)
  • Joshua mentions that Ryan Deeds will bring his podcasts on Agency Intelligence in August. (31:24)
  • Jason shares that Kiki Johnson and Matt Aaron are entirely on the leading edge of technology inside the insurance industry. (33:24)
  • Does anyone use a marketing technique to where you sell a policy to someone? (38:51)
  • Jason says that Billy William is a “mastermind member” in the life insurance policy. (40:04)

Key Quotes:

  • “With a good digital ecosystem, that culture can thrive” – Jason Cass
  • “Everything you need to get a qualified quote is in and stored inside of your cell phone.” – Jason Cass
  • “We are now building the fabric inside of our agency and strengthening it.” – Jason Cass

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