Arleen and Ted Taveras: They Did It All and They Did It Together | #SpotOnInsurance

by | March 3, 2020



In today’s episode of Agents Influence, host Jason Cass has a discussion with Arleen Taveras & Ted Taveras who are both the President and COO of Spot On Insurance and ILSA and also the Co-Hosts of Spot On Insurance Podcast. Arleen Taveras & Ted Taveras talk about their backgrounds in technology, insurance, compliance and starting ILSA and Spot On Insurance, as well as developing their compliance courses and their Spot On Insurance Podcast.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason Cass introduces guests Arleen Taveras & Ted Taveras and discusses AI Brainshare that is taking place on October 25-27th 2020 in Puerto Rico.   
  • Are Arleen & Ted iPhone or Android users?
  • What is the last app that Arleen & Ted have downloaded?
  • Do Arleen & Ted love to win or hate to lose? 
  • What does Arleen & Ted attribute their success to, skill or luck? 
  • How did Arleen & Ted work their way up to where they are now?
  • What types of compliance do Ted and Arleen do?  
  • How did they wind up in the insurance industry? 
  • Arleen & Ted talk about different compliance issues they help resolve.  
  • Arleen & Ted are also offering compliances courses. 
  • If there was anything else they could do in life what would it be? 
  • They discuss starting Spot On Insurance Podcast.  
  • They talk about doing the best you can when training employees. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Ted and Arleen can help with DPAs that need to be filed with the Insurance Department and the Secretary of State, and sometimes on the county level and getting approval to use your name. If your business name is similar to another then you have to get a consent of use of name.  
  2. Ted Taveras and Arleen Taveras are rolling out courses for licensing, compliance, how to deal with the Secretary of State and the Department of Revenue.
  3. About 90% of their clients are in the property-casualty commercial space.   

Key Quotes:

  • “We do compliance for the entire insurance industry. We have about 50 services, from our parent company, which is ILSA.” – Ted Taveras
  • “We’re into the compliance business because behind you getting that license, there’re a lot of things that happen and can happen and it’s when you run into those problems that you need the compliance services that we offer.” – Ted Taveras
  • “What we do is agency licensing. We also have some of the world’s largest carriers that come to us to set up all the agencies that they have.” – Arleen Taveras 

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