Agents Vs Brokers, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly With Jason Quaglia

by | September 8, 2020



In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jason Quaglia, Health Care Liability Broker at Burns & Wilcox. Jason talks about the aspects of a brokerage and the significant relationship between insurance agents and brokers. He also shares his knowledge and expertise in the brokerage industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason introduces Jason Quaglia. (1:49)
  • Is Jason an iPhone or an Android user? (4:44)
  • What was the last app that Jason downloaded? (5:04)
  • Does Jason love to win or hate to lose? (6:12)
  • What does Jason attribute to his success, skill or luck? (7:00)
  • Jason shares his background and his career in insurance. (7:59)
  • Jason shares that the market has been tough, and building relationships is vital at this moment. (11:30)
  • Has Jason seen a lot of agents that are quoting and acquiring in the industry? (13:31)
  • Jason mentions that in this business, the premium is the name of the game. (15:19)
  • What does Jason feel when an agent is doing better than him? (17:45)
  • Jason mentions that communication is the biggest crux with regards to broker-agent relationships. (18:02)
  • Jason shares that it’s becoming difficult in the healthcare sector if an agent thinks that they can pin two brokers against each other. (20:04)
  • Jason Cass shares that brokers have hate against agents because they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. They don’t get signed apps and don’t get all the supplements signed. (21:3)
  • Jason shares that early on in his career, he learned that it’s better to come out with the best pricing and the best coverage every time. (23:51)
  • What are the actions that Jason has seen from agents that prevent them from getting the best price or getting the fastest service? (25:25)
  • Jason mentions that the more we know about our accounts, the better outcome we’re going to have. (25:51)
  • Jason Cass shares the conversation he had with Travis. (26:38)
  • Jason Cass mentions that whenever they write a huge piece of business, they write a Statement of Operations, and it’s one of the points that they teach to their producers. (27:33)
  • Jason shares that he likes to win and if you have a viable account that he can work on, he’s going to support you. (29:18)
  • Jason Cass shares that the valuable key to any relationship is good communication, and 95% of the issues that affect the world is due to miscommunication. (30:12)
  • Jason Cass mentions what he heard from several brokers, and he thinks that what they said was terrible. (31:14)
  • Why does Jason prefer to be a broker, not an agent? (34:35)
  • Jason shares that he likes the fact that agents have good relationships with the insureds and he cares about the insured’s because he cares about his agents and the agents care about the end user. (35:01)
  • Jason mentions that he’s been in the business for almost 10 years, and he thinks that all his knowledge and expertise, and all the personal relationships that he built, would be lost if he diverts to the retail sector. (35:20)
  • Jason thinks that a time will come where a lot of competent people are going to leave and start their concept, and we start to see better progress. (36:53)
  • Jason mentions that he’s reading a book entitled The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. (37:19)
  • What are Jason’s thoughts about agents having a misconception about relationships? (40:24)
  • Jason shares one of the reasons why he joined Burns & Wilcox. (40:53)

Key Quotes:

  • “The only reason I’m in the position where I’m in right now is because of all the personal relationships I’ve developed over the years, and you know, you really can’t force things like that, they just happen by chance.” Jason Quaglia
  • “We’re telling people, now’s the time to get in because this market keeps getting harder and harder. We’ve got the market access and the relationships if you don’t get in with us now, you know, when things hit the fan, we probably may not have the time. So it’s good even if you don’t actively have a business to send your broker, it’s good to keep the lines of communication open.” Jason Quaglia
  • “I always go out to the market because I see so much volume. I know who’s coming in where and pricing and what jurisdictions, and sometimes I’ll even send it out just to block those markets if I’m unsure, but I’m always bringing my best coverage and the best pricing when I can.” Jason Quaglia
  • “A knock on the big brokerage shops is that a lot of big shops don’t like dealing with little guys. But you know, I love it. I come from a small business family, I don’t care how big your agency is, I don’t care how big your book of business is. Once again, I like to win. If you’ve got a viable account that I can do something with, I’m going to go to bat for you.” Jason Quaglia
  • “The interesting thing is I’ve developed such a network and expertise where I am, that I would just be throwing all that down the tubes. You know, I think the first thing is, you may say I’m wrong but I think agents make more money than us guys in the middle.” Jason Quaglia

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