Agents Don’t Know They Are Captive, Till They Are Free

by | August 18, 2020



In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Dustin Bloch and Kyle Kemp, Vice Presidents at Quantum Assurance International. Dustin and Kyle talk about online leads, sales, market share, and captive agencies vs. the independent space. Dustin and Kyle also discuss how stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to growth in your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason introduces Dustin and Kyle. (1:01)
  • Are Dustin, and Kyle Android or iPhone users? (4:06) 
  • What was the last app that Dustin and Kyle downloaded? (4:22)
  • Do Kyle and Dustin love to win or hate to lose?  (4:44)
  • What do Kyle and Dustin attribute to their success, skill, or luck? (5:53)
  • Kyle shares his background story, and to where he’s at now.  (7:38)
  • Dustin shares his background story and how he got into the insurance industry. (8:46)
  • Dustin talks about his role in Quantum Assurance International. (10:34)
  • Kyle says that they lose the stigma of the data lead because they’re taking care of every single need of the customer (14:32)
  • Dustin says that retention numbers can be good by building a solid connection and creating a buying conversation. (17:05)
  • What is the mindset that a producer has to have to be able to understand that online leads are going to be a part of this game? (18:00)
  • Dustin shares that doing what is best by the customer, what’s best by the company, and what’s best by the partners is one of the rules they have in the company.  (18:42)
  • Dustin and Kyle talk about their onboarding process and how it looks for agents.  (20:40)
  • Dustin explains why they don’t have sales managers. (21:19)
  • Jason talks about the feedback he has gotten from the mastermind members. (22:08)
  • Dustin explains why to be unreasonable is their mindset right now. (25:37)
  • Kyle explains why he gets inspired by people who get out of their comfort zone. (27:22)
  • What are the traits that Dustin and Kyle are looking for when they’re doing an interview?  (28:30)
  • Where do Dustin, and Kyle see captive agencies 10 years from now? (42:13)
  • Kyle and Dustin discuss their thoughts about market share. (47:13)
  • Dustin talks about the best things about being captive. (52:18)
  • Dustin mentions that independent space will continue to grow when you get people who are tired of doing it one way and want to do it in a different way. (1:03:34)
  • Kyle says that as a business owner you deserve options, whether it’s at the point of sale or renewal, you deserve the options for your customers, and to make sure you’re constantly taking care of the people in your communities. (1:04:53)

Key Quotes:

  • “We believe that managing is easy, leading is hard and our goal is to lead people.” – Dustin Bloch
  • “Good things are going to happen when you start to get out of your comfort zone. You start trying techniques, you try things that you haven’t done before.” – Kyle Kemp
  • “If you’re going to make the switch independent, don’t let your carriers dictate where your business goes.” – Kyle Kemp

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