A Mastermind Champion Live Discussion With Miles Merwin That You Just Have To Hear

by | October 6, 2020



In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass gives you a preview into a special AI Mastermind Facebook Live with Mastermind Member and guest, Miles Merwin, Founder and President of Advisors Insurance Agency. Jason and Miles went live on Facebook to discuss working remotely, efficiency, team building, virtual assistants and more – it was so good we just had to share!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason introduces Miles Merwin. (3:04)
  • Miles thinks that they’re going to stay completely remote unless someone has to go to the office. (4:56)
  • Miles shares that he remembers Seth talking about how people with zero to one child had 30% more efficiency. (5:23)
  • Miles shares a story about a salesperson employee that has been with him for less than a year and decided to quit last week. (6:44)
  • Miles shares that the people who are mentally able to work from home, are better employees, they can manage themselves, and they have discipline. (8:25)
  • Jason mentions the podcast he did three or four years ago, and it was called The Default Mode. (9:14)
  • Miles shares that the people who created rules on their Outlook calendar are more efficient than the other people. (11:31)
  • Miles realized that they need to be more efficient. Therefore, they customized their working situation. (12:05)
  • Miles thinks that they’re going to get tired of working from home, and productivity is going to crash, after a while. (13:53)
  • Miles shares that a company should always have to come up with new products to stay as a leader of your agency. (14:39)
  • Miles mentions that you have to take the extra two minutes to figure out ways to engage with your team. (14:50)
  • To VA or not VA? (17:42)
  • Miles shares that he met with Brett Kelly and their whole team, and tried to understand the actual business side of his business. (18:19)
  • Miles mentions that he tested out service centers, but every client got a different service center and different experience. He also tested out call centers, but everyone who answered the phone from the call center was always there the first day. (18:59)
  • What’s the difference between a call center and a service center? (19:12)
  • Miles shares that he reached out and tried AgencyVA, they’ve created a great relationship. (20:24)
  • Jason shares that VAs are beneficial and they highly recommend it. (22:04)
  • Jason talks about the significance of the VA aspects. (22:19)
  • Did Miles buy and upgrade the equipment that his VA’s have? (23:24)
  • Jason mentions that he has 5 virtual assistants, from AgencyVA. (24:52)
  • Miles shares that the great thing about AgencyVA is that they have their own culture, and they have a strong culture where it makes sure that when you’re choosing a VA company, make sure the VA company has a strong culture. (26:56)
  • Miles mentions that it’s essential to have an onboarding process. (27:35)
  • What are the three main things that Miles’ VA’s do? (27:47)
  • Does Miles have any VA’s who do accounting? (28:29)
  • If Miles didn’t have a CPA, does he think that a VA could do it? (28:38)
  • Jason mentions that a VA does their commissions. (30:32)
  • Jason talks about their CPA. (33:36)
  • Miles shares that David Carothers and his team have been awesome and they are currently working with them. (39:24)
  • Miles talks about Billy William’s podcast about exposure and the power of exposure. (42:42)
  • Miles mentions that he doesn’t invest in having partners rather, he invests in coaches. (45:43)
  • Jason shares that sometimes, you don’t need to be strategizing with people who you’re trying to make the strategy for. (46:45)
  • Jason mentions that sometimes, the most powerful person in an organization is not the number one. (48:16)
  • Jason mentions that sales are the most vital thing in the world. (56:16)
  • Miles shares that you have to focus on results to get a clear separation between results and activities, and if you find yourself spending more than 20% of your time activities than results, it’s time to hire someone. (57:41)
  • Miles mentions that paying producers off of agency revenue, every carrier has different revenue, and every policy has different percentage sections. (1:01:52)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you can’t change your people, change your people. If that’s the way that your business is running, and you find that the type of personality that’s most efficient in your working situation is somebody who works from home. There’s different types of people out there and as a business owner, you moved the way that makes sense for your clients and your team.” Miles Merwin
  • “You’ve got to be creative in working with your team. Otherwise, your team’s going to crash because it’s just them by themselves, but you’ve got to keep them engaged in a remote setting, versus engaged in an office setting.” Miles Merwin
  • “After that first success, I was like man, a VA is you know, they are just fantastic. I can skip the recruiting, I can skip the reading resumes all night long. I can skip the awkward interviews, I can skip the taxes, all that junk, I can skip all that stuff.” Miles Merwin
  • “When you build a good culture with them, to know what you have and then you explain your culture to them, and it’s strong so you know your points of differentiation. Know your story. Your history, what you’re passionate about, get them into your culture as much as possible. They feel a part of your culture has an onboarding program, because that is one thing that I’d say was rough is the onboarding process led by the VA companies.” Miles Merwin
  • “You can’t talk shop with the people who work for you. Like, you can’t be bringing ideas to them, you need to bring solutions, not ideas, you have to get them, right? You got to let them buy into the culture and then change the processes afterwards.” Miles Merwin

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