Your Digital Presence, Trusted Choice, and Rising Rides

by | September 4, 2014

If you don’t know . . . Ryan Hanley is the now the “Big Cheese” of the  Digital Marketing Services at Trusted Choice and that means great news for your digital presence.

Ryan Hanley was born into this industry when he started working for his father-in-law’s insurance agency, The Murray Insurance Group.  He then started Hanley Media Lab and recently joined the Trusted which is part of the CAP organization.

 . . . he is also an expert in the GROW DIMA  (Digital Insurance Marketing Academy) 

Watch the short video below to see what he and his team at Trusted have planned.

Who is Trusted

If you don’t know who or what Trusted is, then I encourage you to check them out.

I have had many people say to me ” Why are you supporting them when they do what GROW does?”

First, GROW is a community.  It is a place where agents can learn from one another, share ideas and failures.  It is a place where you and all agents can learn to be a social and digital business.  We learn from and teach one another everything we do from A to Z  in our agencies. We are agents teaching one another; we are for agents, by agents.

Trusted is a company and online portal created by the Big I and six insurance companies. Its sole purpose is to help drive leads to you and other independent agents.  They will also help you increase your digital presence (if you watched the video they explain it a little more in depth).

They are good and becoming successful at what they do.  I talked to an agent in New Jersey recently who was receiving on average 15-20 leads per month!  I even subscribe monthly to them in my own agency, JDC Insurance Group.

So the burgeoning question is:  Does GROW and Trusted overlap?  And the answer is:  Sure.

But the question I have for you is:  Does it matter?  My answer to you is:  Nope . . . not one bit.

Universal laws

When you believe and live by universal laws you can predict the future.  Here is one that fits this discussion.

“A rising tide raises all ship”

. . . if you understand and live by this, then you are destined to succeed . . . but if you don’t, your demise is imminent.

As independent insurance agents coming together we will be able to build ships and teach others, but where we need help is with the tide.  To get our ships off the embankment of the past, we need companies to help us raise the tide.

This means they have to rid the old ways of the past and work together to give the education and understanding that the independent insurance agent needs to float to succeed.

When and how will this happen

All the insurance and marketing companies must put aside their differences, their past, and their closed minded models of business.  We must realize that the end goal is for the industry to survive because it is the best distribution model the world has to offer.

If we help rise the tide (awareness) then you will see agents learn and reach out for more help.  As this happens more agents will try and sail this new vast ocean and when they see the benefits and the necessity of it they will reach out for more help with navigating it

This is when the tide raises and the industry survives . . .

This is good new for companies, vendors, agencies and most important the consumer.


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